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Pro Health Care Medical Centres in Adelaide

Pro Health Care is an Adelaide based Multi-Disciplinary Medical Centre that offers state of the art facilities with the aim of delivering the highest level of patient care. Practice locations include the following sites in Metropolitan and Western Adelaide:
  • 380 Grange Road, Kidman Park
  • 129 Marion Road, Richmond

Pro Health Care was established in 2007, carrying on from the work of three prominent General Practitioners whom for 35 years managed their patient's health with the commitment, time and care that today forms the cornerstone of Pro Health Care's philosophy.

The organisational structure of Pro Health Care is patient centred, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary management that embraces all the essential facets of a person's health and well-being.

Pro Health Care is structured on a ground medical frame-work whereby communication and collaborative reasoning form the essential ingredients to deliver what we believe to be the highest standards of patient care. Collaborative reasoning embraces the concept of shared decision making between the patient and medical practitioners, including where necessary, any or all members of the Pro Health Care team.

All Pro Health Care Practitioners are part of the following preferred provider networks, meaning that you get more back from your health insurer with less out of pocket expense:

Mutual Community, MBF,  Medibank Private, HBA